Happy Hour

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You can have foods and drinks with great price. Come and enjoy our happy hour!!



California roll / Sumiso salad / Sunomono salad

4pcs Pork gyoza / 4pcs Veg. gyoza

3pcs Beef croquette / 3pcs Veg. croquette

5pcs Chicken karaage / Spicy tofu

3pcs Shrimp fry / 1pc Fish fry

Spicy shrimp / Spicy tuna roll




Sapporo(S) / Sapporo light(S) / Kirin ichiban(S) / Asahi super dry(S)

 Ozeki sake (S) / Wine (red*white) / Sapporo(L)

Kirin ichiban(L) / Asahi super dry(L) / Ozeki sake (L)